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SUTRA STUDIO is part of the Mill No. 5 complex in downtown Lowell MA. Mill No. 5 is built on the 4th floor of one of the original Appleton Mills of Lowell.

SUTRA aims to provide not only outstanding yoga asana (postural) practice, but also meditation, massage therapies and energy healing, as well as dharma discussions and events. We also offer an array of fun retail including apparel, jewelry, art, books, and other items for the yogic lifestyle.

SUTRA is fully equipped with a handsome practice space, massage space, 2 bathrooms, a water fountain, free wi-fi, and all the chill vibes you can handle in our hang-out area. Did we mention that there are tasty lattes and kombucha on tap next door at coffee + cotton? Yes, SUTRA is a pretty awesome place to be.

Members (multi-class package purchasers) enjoy:

  • A selection of 20+ classes per week (after Jan 1 2015)
  • A selection of various body healing therapies, workshops, and community discussions
  • Use of shower facilities
  • Discounts at other select Mill No. 5 businesses
  • Complimentary mat storage*
  • Complimentary towel services*
  • 10% off body healing therapies*
  • Discounts for select workshops and retreat programs*
  • Discounts for select retail items*

* applicable to monthly unlimited auto renew and yearly member contracts

Click here for more information about visiting us.


:::: Photos are coming soon! ::::

what we believe

SUTRA is an awesome-focused yoga studio intended to foster love, kindness and interconnectedness, and to bring positive transformation to our beloved home in Lowell, MA.

The word sutra translates literally from Sanskrit as “thread”, but the term is universally understood as a reference to the common threads of thought connecting various parts of Buddhist or Hindu teachings. Humble as a scrap of yarn may seem, we at SUTRA know how powerful the binding of one thing to another can be; we are proud to be bound to Lowell and to the people who make our community unique, and believe the connection between who we are and where we are will be the key to our success.

SUTRA is here to make friends and encourage the exploration of yoga, meditation, dharma studies, massage, and other wellness practices.
We want to weave creativity, self-expression and connection into the daily fabric of our lives. We believe in beauty, and the pursuit of “happily ever after” right now, today.
We believe that freedom from suffering arises from helping others and listening to the soul.
We believe we are part and parcel of a community that champions growth and happiness.
We believe in love. And we believe in you.

On its own, a piece of string is no more or less than what it is. But when it is used to create something extraordinary, that simple length of material becomes a power unto itself.

It becomes a SUTRA.

What others have to say about SUTRA STUDIO

  • „We really don't have much to say yet, because we are brand new. But hey, if you want to give a testimonial - send us one! We would love the feedback!“
    Jennifer Howell - Director of Awesomesauce
  • „I hear they are opening a yoga studio next door. It's called SUTRA or something. I hope they post their website soon so I can build my winter schedule.“
    Random - Overheard at Coffee + Cotton