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Welcome to yoga, meditation, dharma + everything else!

Trying something new can be intimidating, so we have tried to answer some common questions and give advice based on our own experiences to encourage a fun and relaxed environment for those new to the practice (of yoga, meditation, and other mindful practices). Remember not to take yourself too seriously and just be.

You are trying something new, and that in itself is a win!

If you have further questions, please feel free to call or email us. No question is a bad question!

What should I wear to a yoga class?

  • Yoga is a practice of physical movements that may make you sweat. Wear comfortable clothing you can easily move around in. Yoga involves a lot of bending and stretching, so clothes that fit snugly but without constraining your movements will probably be best; baggy athletic gear can get in the way. After a few practices, you will get the sense of what clothing might support you in your practice best. It is different for everyone.
  • Shoes are not worn in the studio, and socks should be removed on your mat.

What should I bring to a yoga class?

  • What to bring:
    • A yoga mat. SUTRA offers mat rental for $3.00, which includes a towel rental.
    • A bottle of water. A complimentary water bottle-filling station and bottled beverages are available for purchase.
    • A towel. If you forget yours, SUTRA can supply a rental towel for your practice ($1.00)
    • An open mind. Give yourself a chance to be surprised by your own practice. Try not to have too many expectations, and remember: everyone who finds yoga is looking for yoga. We are all in this together.
  • What not to bring:
    • Valuables and excessive items. SUTRA provides small storage areas within the studio and practice space. Please make sure your phone is turned to OFF or silent and stored away for class times, as not to distract yourself and others.
    • Expectations.
    • Illegal or dangerous items.
  • Please DO consider our studio as a sacred space that is your own, and treat it with mindfulness.

What / When should I eat?

  • Try not to eat a meal any closer than 2.5 hours before your practice time. If you are really hungry a light snack prior to practicing may be helpful, or consider a nourishing juice or water.
  • You may find yourself wanting to eat mindfully after class, so enjoy that time!
  • If your class time is later in the day, consider eating something light an hour or so before class and then something light after class. Remember Coffee + Cotton is next door!

Studio Ettiquite

  • Try to arrive 15-20 minutes before your first class, so that you have time to get settled, fill out our enrollment papers and have a tour of the space. Early arrival will also allow you to get connected with our team and the teacher if you have any concerns or would like to let us know more about you.
  • Teachers aim to respect our students’ time by starting and ending classes on time. If you arrive late, please enter the practice space after the “OM” or when students begin to move.
  • Please move mindfully and quietly within the practice space, with the aim of respecting your fellow practitioners’ experiences.
  • Please place your shoes neatly outside the practice space, and store your belongings in a storage space (available both outside and inside practice space). Taking fewer items to your practice spot will reduce distractions and clutter.
  • Use the restroom before class, and if you need to use it during class, move quietly and mindfully.

What can I expect in a yoga class?

  • Try not to have expectations; instead, try to have fun. You just might surprise yourself!
  • The yoga class is a combination of mind, body and spirit. Classes may integrate breathing exercises (Sanskrit: pranayama), meditation, strengthening + stretching movements, movements to increase balance and practices to increase mindful awareness.
  • Try going to an all-levels class with a slower pace or a foundational class to get familiar with the postures (Sansrkit: asana), which will then be sequenced and presented in various ways depending on the class style and teacher. Let your teacher know if this is your first class.

What is meditation or mind training? Is it faith / religion specific?

  • Meditation is not religion-specific.
  • Meditation is found not only in many faiths, but in practices without any religious affiliation. Meditation is for anyone who is interested in training their mind to have more focus, calm and clarity.
  • At SUTRA, we welcome all faiths and religious backgrounds. We draw on many different meditation traditions to offer a wide variety of techniques to our students; the best meditation practice is the one you do!

What should I wear to a guided meditation or dharma teaching?

  • The clothes you wear for meditation or to attend a dharma lecture/teaching should be comfortable and not cause distraction to yourself or others.
  • Consider wearing clothing that:
    • supports an appropriate body temperature, or bring a shawl or sweater.
    • is quiet. Fabrics that make a lot of noise may be distracting to you or others.
    • is somewhat conservative if attending a dharma teaching by an ordained master.

Some Mindful Ettiquite

  • Moving mindfully and quietly when within the practice space to be respectful of others experiences is always a good idea.
  • Cleaning your own mat or rental mat after class is a nice way to keep your downward dogs fresh.
  • Make sure cell phones and other electronic devices are off or silent prior to class.
  • A clean body gives way to a clean mind. Please do not wear perfume or cologne to class, as some practitioners are sensitive to scents.
  • When practicing in a community setting, consider that you are practicing together in a shared space to share energy. A mindful practice includes turning inward for a deep practice but also being respectful in sharing space and positive energy. Introduce yourself to your community.
  • Other mindful studio practices:
    1. Check in online if you can. If you can’t, stop in at the desk and we’ll sign you in.
    2. Introduce yourself to the team and teachers.
    3. Welcome your fellow yogis.
    4. Please be respectful of others with your silent cell phone (if you need to take calls, step out into the hallway).
    5. Honor the sacred space of SUTRA with as much love as we do.
    6. Spread the word!
    7. Ask!
    8. Participate.
    9. Smile.
    10. Breathe – like you mean it.

Even more questions

  • Do you have more questions?
  • OR
  • OR
    • Call us at (844) 337-8872
  • OR
    • Stop by in person. We don’t bite and we can give you a tour of the space :)

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