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SUTRA STUDIO offers an array of classes designed to fit your practice.

Vinyasa based strengthening, meditative and gentle, as well as community classes are available for you to explore your experience in yoga.

If you have additional questions about these classes, please contact us.
See our most up to date class offerings on our online class schedule.

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Vinyasa Flow

Vinyasa Flow yoga links movements and postures to breath, encouraging the development of strength, flexibility, mental focus and stamina. Vinyasa Flow classes provide a full body workout to enhance balance and endurance both physically and mentally.
In All Levels classes, teachers create an encouraging space for students of varying abilities to enhance and modify postures to fit their practice and practice goals. Each teacher offers different variations and styles of vinyasa, so be sure to try as many teachers as you can!
Vinyasa Flow classes are warm, with a room temperature of approximately 80˚F

Vinyasa Flow - Intermediate / Advanced

Incorporating all of the intention of the Vinyasa Flow class, Intermediate and Advanced classes offer flowing transitions, arm balances, inversions and exploration of deep postures.
Vinyasa Flow classes are warm, with a room temperature of approximately 80˚F.
*Students attending these classes are encouraged to have a regular yoga practice.

Alternative Asana

Alternative Asana brings the rhythms of the body’s systems into harmony with the joy of music, spanning styles from traditional yogic mantra-based kirtan to modern hip-hop and alternative rock.
Teachers may integrate several different styles of yoga and music in these classes. Live performance artists may participate—check the online schedule for details.
These classes are warm, with a room temperature of approximately 80˚F.

Late Night Flow

A vinyasa flow class geared for those who prefer a class later in the day. Class will end with guided savasana meditation to encourage evening bliss.
These classes are warm, with a room temperature of approximately 80˚F.

Friday Night Flow Down

Friday Night Flow Down is a delicious blend of vinyasa practice and deep stretching and floor work—the perfect way to end the week and start the weekend.
Classes encourage self expression and exploration through asana, meditation, and music. Expect to feel blissful after class and ready to take on the weekend at whatever speed you need.
These classes are warm, with a room temperature of approximately 80˚F.

Slow Burn

An alignment focused vinyasa flow, Slow Burn combines meditative techniques in exploring both energetic strengthening postures as well as floor based yin-inspired lengthening and restoring poses.
A slow flow class on the surface, Slow Burn allows practitioners to move deeply into postures and tap into the meditative quality of asana practice.
Be prepared to sweat.

Fundamentals Series

Fundamentals classes emphasize safe alignment to create a strong foundation for a regular yoga practice. These classes are excellent for those who are newer to yoga, as well as experienced yogis looking for a slower paced class with detailed instruction and exploration.
Breathing, strengthening, stretching, and balancing techniques are introduced in an encouraging and supportive environment.

SPA Yoga

SPA Yoga is a 75-minute slow flow floor-based yoga class. The physical practice focuses on opening all energetic points of the body to leave the practitioner feeling blissed out. We will end with a relaxing 15 minute guided meditation.
SPA classes feature extra hands-on assists and massages, a calming candlelit atmosphere, delightful scents and beautiful music. Be prepared to feel like you just walked out of a SPA!

Gentle Flow

Gentle flow emphasizes breath work, mindfulness and simplicity. Exploring common postures, students can expect a calming flow that leaves space to discover a sense of kindness and friendliness to self that may even lead to sharing those qualities with others.
This class is great for all levels.

Community Yoga

Community classes are taught by a rotation of instructors and are offered on a donation basis, ensuring access to quality yoga for students with budgets of all sizes.
Styles of teaching and types of classes vary from teacher to teacher.
Suggested donations start at $5.
Donations are shared with the studio, the teacher, and a charity of the teacher’s choice.
Join us in developing a vibrant and diverse community.

Community Meditation

Community Meditation is guided by a rotation of teachers and offers various contemplative and mind training techniques to encourage a more mindful existence.
No experience is necessary. Feel free to be guided or use this time as an opportunity to find serenity with your own personal meditation practice.
This class is donation based, with a suggestion of $5. Donations are used for SUTRA to provide low-cost or no-cost mindfulness workshops and teachings throughout the studio schedule.

Teacher's Circle

Teacher’s circle is designed for 200HR and higher registered yoga teachers of any style to offer their classes in a supportive and open environment. Our aim is to grow, network and PRACTICE! Teachers will lead a class of their style, provide assists (tried and true, or experimental!), or elicit feedback from their peers. An open discussion and networking session will follow each class. Teachers can volunteer to assist these classes, either to garner feedback on their hands-on techniques or observe the lead teacher in action.
Teachers are welcome to sign up by emailing Please note TEACHER’S CIRCLE in the subject of your email.
Teachers attending as students are asked to donate what they can to provide funds for organization of Teacher’s Circle, snacks, goodies, trainings and other fun things that yoga teachers are interested in. Please sign up online for this class.